Hey dreamers,

So I know I posted about a month ago but due to unforeseen circumstances shall we say the posts had to go! But fear not! I’m still about!!

So back into the fray! GERONIMO!!

Sorry I’ve been watching a lot of Doctor Who lately and wow I forgot how much I loved it (Matt Smith era is my favourite, do not shoot me!).

So have you ever been sat there in a complete crippling fear that you will just be a forgotten piece of history with no impact on anyone or their lives? Trust me I’ve been there, depression and anxiety can do that, especially at your lowest ebb. It’s heartbreaking. You cry, you lose all sense of self worth and you literally think you have made little to no impact on anyone’s lives, let alone your own.


This is your story, and you’re going to write it and most importantly you’re going to live it. You think that smiling at that person in the street didn’t make some sort of impact on their day? Wrong. It probably made their day. It probably made them think “oh that smile, I wish more people smiled like that”.

Do you think when you were serving that customer and you turned their really crappy day around that they won’t remember you? Wrong they are going to remember the kindness and empathy you gave them that day.

The point I’m getting at is that you will continue being a story in every aspect without realising it. You might be a single chapter in someone else’s life, you may even be a whole damn book. Your story lives on in so many ways, and you are an importance on this small blue planet. You will be that memory that makes someone smile in all the right ways without even realising it because you are that infectious and wonderful.

Depression can often make you forget all the good you do, all the stories you have yet to tell. Don’t be afraid to post that picture on Instagram or post that memorable thing on twitter or Facebook.

This is your story, so live it to the fullest.

We’re all stories in the end, so let’s make a good one ay?

Until next time dreamers,




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