One thing I’ve learnt about mental health is that it is so difficult to open up about what’s really going on in your own mind.

You feel like you can’t tell anyone because they’ll simply say “oh it’s just a phase” or “life’s hard just get on with it” or something else that just comes to peoples minds at times.

What they don’t understand is that it is NOT just a phase and it’s actually in fact been going on for a lot longer than even you may care to admit.

Even now I sometimes struggle to open up to my own loved ones, everyday is a battle, I get up, I put my happy face on and get on with it. However it then boils down to a matter of days, sometimes weeks before I eventually just completely crack. I break. I realise how broken I actually am.

When it comes to people then rushing around to support me they ask “why didn’t you say anything” and my answers have ranged mostly from “I didn’t want to be a burden” to “I’m sorry”, but the honest answer should be: “you didn’t ask”.

Now that comes across as almost child-like I guess in hindsight. Having said that, I don’t need babysitting. Not at all. What I do need every now and then, and I think anyone struggling may agree is just for someone to ask if you’re okay. That is all it takes. Someone who shows genuine concern and care. It seems needy perhaps, but too me it can push so many irrational thoughts away just because someone cares. That’s when I find myself opening up, often getting emotional but it helps. It helps too talk sometimes instead of keeping it all inside and feeling like you are nothing but a burden constantly over reacting or over thinking certain things.

My point is, an act of simple kindness like that can change someone’s perspective in a split second. It may stop them making a very bad decision and that is that.

You never really know what’s going on in someone’s life,

Be kind always,

Until next time dreamers,

Alastair ⭐️


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