So I’ve re-watched the Netflix show Thirteen Reasons Why for a second time this year, and to be honest I’m just as emotional and raw as I was the first time around.Sometimes you don’t realise the impact your words can have on someone’s life, how perhaps a simple act of kindness can stop someone from taking their lives. You don’t realise that each person is going through some sort of battle in their own mind and life and all they really want is someone to ask if they’re okay. Even I have days where I just wish someone would hug me and say “I know you’re not okay, I’m here if you need me”. 
So after being inspired by Hannah Baker this is my list of Thirteen Reasons Why your mental health is so important and a few positive things we need reminding of every now and then. We’re all afraid to talk sometimes, even to the people we are closest too. It hurts like hell keeping it inside, I know all too well, especially after this week and the events that have lead me into a dark place which even as I’m writing this I am struggling to get out of. 
So here it goes:
1. You are stronger than you realise. You go through the same shit in your head everyday from the minute you wake up and then go to work. You are a bad ass! No one can tell you any differently.
2. People you trust will understand and can be really supportive. It’s okay to talk about it. 
3. It is not a bad life, it’s a bad few days. Tomorrow is another chance and reason to smile, I promise.
4. Don’t let yesterday’s mistakes define the decisions you make today or tomorrow. We all makes mistakes no one is perfect.
5. Don’t be scared to love, it’s ok too feel. 
6. You are not making anyone’s lives worse by being around, I bet you’re the reason your friends smile and they just haven’t told you.
7. Write it down, whether it’s in a journal/diary or even an open letter to yourself. You’ll be surprised how much better you feel afterwards.
8. Don’t be afraid to be who you are and to express yourself. If you want to dress up like a rainbow of odd colours then do it. Because that’s who you are and you don’t have to apologise for being you.
9. Write down three, yes THREE positive things you want to achieve every single day, whether it’s telling someone how amazing you think they are, or setting yourself a goal, it is amazing the things you might achieve.
10. Volunteer for a local charity which specialises in mental health. Helping others also helps you, you’ll be surprised by how much you may inspire others.
11. Be kind to others, you’ll be surprised the kindness you receive back. You don’t realise how much a smile or gesture may mean to someone until you’ve done it. 
12. It’s okay to cry, it is OKAY to break down. But don’t forget to pick yourself back up and carry on. Life is too short and I promise your journey is far from over.
13. Smile. Because everyone deserves to see that radiant and infectious smile in their lives. Especially You.
Until next time guys,

Alastair x


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