It’s been quite some time since I dedicated a post to a close friend, but there’s one person who definitely deserves merit and praise in my life. She is literally my “happy person”. My go too with anything and everything that happens in my life. For eight years we have argued, laughed, cried and she’s even slapped me a few times (which I may or may not have deserved, it’s an ongoing debate even to this day). I don’t think she realises how much she means too me most days. How her presence can pull me out of the darkest slums of depression within a matter of seconds. Maybe it’s the road trips and adventures we go on, maybe it’s the Disney sing-a-longs or maybe it’s the fact she is the most amazing, slightly nutty but incredibly loving woman I have the pleasure of calling my best friend and “wifey”. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve wrote and re-wrote this post just because I feel like no words can do her justice but well here goes nothing.
So we met in college, I was very insecure within myself having been bullied out of my previous sixth form. I was unsure of my place in the world, completely and utterly broken. Then this blonde and pink haired bombshell sits next to me in the canteen and well that was when my whole world changed. If there was a King and Queen of a college course, we were it. People either loved us or loathed us and we did not give a shit. She helped me discover my identity and place in the world. She has never left my side, how she puts up with me and my shit is an absolute mystery, because I can’t even deal with myself half the time! 
She inspires me on a daily basis with her strength and integrity. Now I know I’ve said in previous posts I’ve been to hell and back, let me tell you that if there’s someplace worse than hell the bitch conquered it and came back with an absolute vengeance!!

She’s a single mother and there’s no questioning that she is a fantastic parent to her daughter, I cannot wait to be at her wedding one day reminiscing about how she got to where she will be one day. She is an army in her own right, my rock in every situation, she is a fighter and her name is Melanie Davies. She deserves every happiness in the world and I’m so glad I get to be a part of her journey as she is a part of mine.
She is my family.
Always & Forever. 


One thought on “Because Of You I Smile More …

  1. I needed to read this again tonight… While I am still awake dealing with my own mindful demons. I love you always and will always be at your side. I can’t wait till I do get married (hello to the poor sod) and you stand there as my man of honor and give the best speech in the world!

    Hell even all the bridesmaids will be jealous 😉 And most likely the groom lol!

    You’re the greatest, kindest, amazing soul I know. Thank you for taking care of me and Alice.

    Love you xxxxxxxx

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