Hey guys,

Apologies for a delay in posts, I’ve actually been busy writing my novel and with work! A lot has happened this summer! Today I want to talk about my best friend. As you guys have seen over the past few months, he’s pretty important to me right? But it actually occurred to me today that I haven’t actually written a post as to why he is so important to me and how he has supported me through my depression and puts up with the bad days and the good bless him!!
So my best friend Craig (yep that’s his name!), he came into my life when I was very unsure of myself and uncertain of my place in the world. He’s loud, he’s brash, he’s hard bloody work BUT very few people get to see the real side to him. He’s caring, he’s sensitive, he’s creative and he’s loyal. He would go to the ends of the earth and back for anyone he truly cares for. That loyalty to me as a friend, as my family has got me through a bloody lot this year. When I lost my job and my depression really hit me hard, he told me from the very beginning I would get through it. Did I believe him ? Of course I didn’t, I wallowed in self pity, he even let me stay with him for two weeks (I commend anyone right now who can put up with me for two weeks like he did, just saying future husband wherever you may be!).  It wasn’t until the day I woke up and started blogging did I realise that the entire time, this friend had stuck by my side through all the good but mostly and more importantly the bad. It’s been an emotional year, and not once has he ever left my side when I’ve near enough been to hell and back.
Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we take each other for granted a little bit as most friends do. We argue, I can openly admit we’ve had our fights but our friendship is so strong I challenge you to try to come between us because what I realised a few weeks ago is when we’re out, whether it’s going to the gym or going for a random adventure that it’s like having an entire army behind me. It sounds strange right? But he gives me strength weirdly, often inspires me and picks me up off the ground when I’m having a meltdown haha!
Now, I’ve learnt not to rely on him too much because well I’m not mean enough to throw all my problems in his direction but because he’s given me such strength. If I didn’t learn to deal with things on my own from time to time the strength he’s given and inspired in me would be a waste and completely pointless. His music is taking off and going in positive directions and I’m proud to be a part of that journey with him right now, most importantly I’m proud of him.  
What I’m trying to say is, find that one friend guys who won’t up and run away when times get hard. Friends will come and go, but you will find that one friend who will never truly leave you, not really. Good times or bad times the truest friends are never far away to experience them with you and show you the support and loyalty you need.
I’m lucky to have my best friend, I annoy the hell out of him and trust me it’s very much vice versa but I wouldn’t change any of it haha!

Have courage, be kind and be strong guys,

Alastair 🙂 x



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