Hey guys,

It has been a while, and I can’t apologise more for it! I love doing this blog but life has been a bit difficult the past few weeks with family and just life’s challenges in general. I’ve been having a bit of writer’s block recently and it did leave me a bit uninspired and at a bit of a loss at what to write about lately. However having said that over the past few days I really realised how important it is to be strong, not in the muscular kind of way, I mean strong mentally. The kind of strength you carry with you and get’s you through the darkest patches in your life. Now I’m not perfect, god knows no one is. I suffer from depression, my anxiety can sometimes get the better of me and I am a nightmare for wearing my heart on my sleeve in every situation known to man! BUT not all of that is negative, not really. These things actually influence the strength inside of me, the strength that get’s me through the worst times of my life and somehow into amazing adventures filled with laughter and joy.
The thing with depression and anxiety is that it can affect your entire state of mind until you decide to fight back and be strong. Now let me tell you why being strong is so important, and not just for people who suffer from depression and anxiety, but for anyone going through a rough patch right now and might need a little bit of inspiration to get through what could seem like the worst day of your life.
Being strong is turning a negative situation into a positive one. When something bad happens we instantly start thinking of every bad thing that has ever happened or could happen and that intensifies the current negative situation, but by focusing on the positive side of something it can instantly put your frame of mind back into focus and onto a happier path. Every situation is a learning curve and we should take positivity and lessons from it more than anything else. Being strong is about learning to love your life. No one’s life is perfect, but does that mean you can’t appreciate what’s around you right now in this present moment? I know it is much easier said than done, it really is yet the more positive you think the more you appreciate what you have and that strengthens your mentality because of those thoughts. Being strong is about learning to accept your flaws and turn them into positive traits. My biggest flaws are that I am far too kind and sensitive for my own good but is that a bad thing really? No, because that kindness brings me joy by making someone else’s day better, and my sensitivity helps me understand other’s emotions and situations, it’s probably why I don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Being strong is learning to be alone, and not because people don’t care but because people can’t always be there when you need them the most. My last point is that being strong is to have courage in every single day, because anything can happen and if you are prepared to be strong then you are prepared to face all of life’s challenges with dignity and grace.
Life is too short, but by being strong you can make the most of every single day you get to live and see.

Never be afraid of your strength for that strength is your greatest ally and will see you through all the harshest storms that life throws at you,
We are all stronger than we truly know, never forget that …
I’ll be back in the next couple of days guys with lot’s of new posts and stories to share,

All my love,

Alastair ❤



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