It was the same old evening as every weekend had been for as long as he remembered, Tristan stood there blank faced, passing pleasantries as if it was a chore to be in other’s company. His parents having thrown ANOTHER fancy party, once again trying the same tactics to set him up with another distant family friend’s daughter. They somehow held out hope that coming out to them was just a phase and he would somehow find “true love” with someone’s daughter … It was tedious and boring. The same old routine, it has been six weeks since he had told his parents and yet they just weren’t as accepting as he’d hoped they might have been. Tristan’s mother had always raised him to be kind and to have courage, the very courage he had used to tell his parents he was gay in the first place. He did consider giving up on those beliefs over the past few weeks, but he stood strong in being himself, always being kind to everyone (especially his parents), even though by being himself it was considered just a phase. At twenty one years old, he knew deep down it was not a phase, it was no secret he had been with girls, but he had never enjoyed it deep down. It was like his entire life he knew he was different, but he never knew until the day a drunken incident happened and had been kissed by a man for the very first time. That was when everything snapped into focus and Tristan knew who he really was. Two weeks after building up courage, he told his parents. Although accepting of the situation, they didn’t quite grasp the fact that he was attracted to men and not the opposite sex.
Dressed in a turquoise shirt, light grey trousers and beige boots, it all reflected well against his caramel complexion. “I’m going to get another drink mum” he told his mother, before she even had a chance to react Tristan was already lost in the crowd and on his way to the bar hoping for some decent conversation and a VERY strong drink to get him through another tiresome evening. Taking a seat at the bar which was surprisingly empty, he ordered a double spiced rum on the rocks, putting the payment on his parents tab and sat there. Alone, again.
What seemed like a full hour on his own pondering his thoughts, he finally gazed up and looked around the party hall, hoping to find someone he knew and pull them to the bar to join him. Tristan’s eyes glanced to the entrance and what he saw made his heart stop and almost skip a beat. A young man dressed in a white shirt, dark blue fitted trousers, short brown hair and the most gorgeous blue eyes that could send anyone’s heart racing even at that distance. The young man in question was heading straight in Tristan’s direction. Their eyes kept perfectly on one another, and with every stride Tristan became more and more nervous at the fact that this dashing young man could not take his eyes off him. Suddenly there they were, face to face, mere feet apart. Tristan took in every detail of this stranger’s face. Stubble trimmed to a very attractive length, full and very kissable looking lips, and again those blue eyes … Tristan was mesmerised. Before he could say anything, the young man spoke first and simply uttered, “would you mind if I sat and maybe get you a drink? I’m Rick”.
Tristan sat in shock for a few seconds, registering what was happening right now. He eventually managed to utter “I’m um Tris- Tristan”. Nervously he smiled and indicated for Rick to join him. Rick ordered up two drinks for them both, turned and smiled at Tristan and said, “I actually saw you last weekend at the previous party, I didn’t quite have the courage to approach as your parents were guarding you like watch dogs. Truth be told I’m actually surprised I had the courage to approach you this evening at all. So anyway, I know it’s sudden but after this drink, would like to join me for a walk around the gardens this evening? I’d like to get to know you”. Tristan couldn’t quite believe what was happening. Was this all a set-up or was this Rick genuinely true and kind? Life is all about taking risks and Tristan was not about to pass up a sort of first date with this Prince Charming sat before him.
“Sure Rick why not … But first tell me about yourself. Anything at all”.
Soon enough the conversation flowed, both laughing and enjoying one another’s company. An hour later Tristan smiled and took Rick’s hand. Rick looked up with those dreamy blue eyes, excitement and magic dancing wildly behind them.
“Would you like to dance with me Rick?”
“I would love to”.
As if by fate the next song that came on was in fact a slow song, perfect for a first dance.
The dance floor was now near empty, people gathering in a circle to watch as the two young men held one another, dancing slowly yet perfectly in sync with one another.
“They’re all looking at you” Tristan said, blushing at Rick’s hand on his lower back as they danced together.
“Believe me, they’re all looking at you … why wouldn’t they be? You’re gorgeous” Rick replied, causing heat to rise in Tristan’s cheeks, his wonderful smile coming to life as they swayed back and forth around the floor. Tristan looked over at his parent’s, they simply nodded and smiled seemingly accepting the one thing they had denied all this time … Tristan’s happiness. The song ended soon after that and the room erupted with applause. Tristan blushing wonderfully led Rick out through the garden entrance towards his favourite spot. As they walked together holding hands, smiling like cheshire cat’s, they finally arrived at a small bridge over-looking a crystal clear river surrounded by banks of flowers in bloom. Halfway up the bridge, the two men stopped, and leant into each other.
Smiling Tristan said, “so why me? What makes me so special out of all the other people here?”
Pulling Tristan closer, Rick simply replied, “because you are kind, you have courage and you want more out of life than anyone I have ever met. I would be a fool not to choose you”.
With those sweet words tingling in his ears, already haunting him forever Tristan leaned in towards Rick. The moonlight dancing off the ripples of the river, the two young men shared their first kiss.

And it would not be their last …

Three years later

Tristan couldn’t believe it, he was marrying Rick, his boyfriend of three years. It was all a fairytale he couldn’t quite believe was coming true. They were to be wed in a castle, hundreds of guests invited all to witness him proclaim his love for another, something he had always wished for, and he had finally got it.
Soon after the vows and rings were exchanged, all with kindness and love came the first dance to the very first song they had danced too exactly three years to the day of the wedding. Hours later the newlywed couple finally had time to themselves, surrounded by gifts and cards off all their loved ones and friends, Tristan looked into his husband’s eyes, filled of such love and joy, pulling him close he said  “promise me this is forever …”
Rick held him tightly and replied sweetly “it will be even longer …”

The End … x


Written by Alastair Harris ❤


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