Hey guys! It’s been a while! It’s been a very long week, and something I’ve only touched on briefly in previous posts is romance. This post isn’t necessarily linked with depression but it is important to me and is about how I see romance in a relationship with a significant other.
So people who know me know I am a massive romantic. Others may think I’m in love with the idea of romance and I may not truly know what romance can be in the world. That is probably the biggest insult someone could give me. I may be a dreamer but romance is all around us in different forms and people show it in so many different ways.

Yes I admit I fantasise about lots of things when it comes to romance, I fantasise about my dream wedding which may I add would be in a beautiful castle, baby blue as the main colour theme, each table at the reception decorated with ornate blue roses … ANYWAY back to reality Alastair before you start dancing on your own around the kitchen again.
I admit I dream of the idea of romance but I have experienced it, and I know what I see romance as when it comes to being with someone and do you want to know what I  think romance is when it comes to a relationship ? I think romance can be just walking through a flower garden or a riverfront enjoying each other’s company. I think romance is loving one another unconditionally, accepting each other’s faults and flaws. I think romance is how a tiny gesture like saying “I miss you” when you’re not around one another can make one’s heart flutter, like butterflies singing to each other through the very beating of their fragile wings. I think romance is doing things out of thought like sending flowers with cute messages written on a card saying how the person was thinking of you and wanted to let you know that you are on their mind. I think romance is giving your whole being to someone unconditionally without expecting anything in return. I think romance is the cute text messages you receive from your significant other saying how stupid things that make you laugh … and sometimes cry because you can miss someone that much on this entire planet. I think romance is dancing around a room to your favourite song together and holding each other closely as if it could be the very last time you do hold each other. I think romance is experiencing new things together, whether it be a film or a city neither have you have been too. I think romance is how the person you fall for becomes not just your partner, but your best friend and confidant all in the same body. I think romance is magical and is created out of the courage and kindness it took you both to get you both where you are now.
I think romance can be lot’s of things in this world and they can be shared with friends, family and yes a significant other. But do you know what ? I pity those who don’t appreciate romance, or think of these things. The smallest things, the precious moments you share can all go a ridiculously long way and can shape the most beautiful unbreakable relationship any could hope to see in this day and age.

I hope one day I do get my dream wedding, I hope one day I can say I found the love of my life and had a wonderful life with them, and if it means having heartbreak and pain along the way I know it will all have been worth it.

“I want to tell you a secret that will see you through all the trials life can offer … Have courage and be kind … when there is kindness there is goodness and where there is goodness there is … Magic” – Cinderella 2015 (awesome film by the way JUST SAYING)

Until next time guys,

All my love,

Alastair aka the fairytale dreamer & believer ❤



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