Have you ever listened to a song that can instantly change your mood? Whether it’s a good or bad reaction doesn’t really matter, it’s the outcome of a certain song or artist that can change your entire world in only a few short minutes with their lyrics that you feel a strong connection to, a feeling like that piece of art was made for you …
It’s an odd feeling really isn’t it? Feeling something so deeply, feeling inspired to do something you would never have dreamed of. I’ll be honest, my blog started because of music, the fact that music can tell stories in so little a time made me want to get out there and write stories of my own, share my experiences and well just blog in general! It’s a magical feeling knowing something that can often be taken for granted changed my entire world.
Now to the point of this post otherwise I’ll just carry on rambling (which is more often than I like to admit), what has often helped me and I’m sure many others when you’re having a day from hell and depression is creeping in through the cracks of the walls you put up to shut it out, a little music can often help those cracks seal themselves back up. Personally my favourite thing to listen to is Taylor Swift, she inspires me, makes me remember that I am still me, and that their is hope out there in the world that I often forget is right in front of my eyes. There is so much magic and wonder in the world and ONE single artist can make me realise this with just lyrics, words that touch the heart and mind deeply.
It is proven already that music does affect the mind, it affects how we feel, how we see things, sometimes how we act. For example, who has ever put on a random song and just danced in their room singing their hearts out and forgetting your worries? Even if it’s just for ten minutes? Because I have, god I am GUILTY of that big time! When I do these things, with music, it beats the depression back for days and days, and when I feel it coming back, I put that cheesy Spice Girls song on and dance and sing to my bloody hearts content!

And so should anyone who feels that connection to music, because music is freedom, it gives us a chance to express who we really are without even trying. It makes us remember that the fear of being average is nothing, because we are not average, we are amazing.

If there’s one message I’d like the pass on, it is this:

Music Is Freedom, Freedom Is Living


Living Is An Awfully Big Adventure Don’t You Think ?



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