In our lives we define a lot by what we do with our time, but we often forget the beautiful moments we share with the people that care. We forget to live in the moment of things, the beauty and liberation of them. We forget to live by the most magical moments, whether it is a beautiful landscape on top of a mountain or even just looking up at the stars. It’s the sad truth, we spend so much time wanting things, things so trivial but things that are in fact in front of our very eyes.
I suppose romance is one of those wonderful moments we should live in but more often than not take for granted. We are all looking for our romantic soul mate, we may find soul mates in friendship but it isn’t the same kind of feeling as an actual partner to share things with, no matter who you are you have to admit you want your happy ending as much as the person who is next to you right now. It’s difficult on the path to love, you come across many people on your journey, people who could be more than just a fleeting glance across the bar or street but yet we spend a lot of time thinking “oh wait, I’m sure there’s more for me out there, someone else out there who is my PERFECT match”. Here’s the problem with that theory, what is your perfect match exactly? And why isn’t that person you just glanced at the person you could share beautiful moments with?
I admit, what I’m saying I have done on many occasion, but thinking about it has led me here because I have realised I have been missing out and not appreciating the moments I do share. The romance I have missed because of my own inability to comprehend that I could in fact be happy where I am. I have spent a very long time being bitter. It’s true, it only makes me human, but is that any reason not to enjoy the moments I am lucky enough to be a part of? Having depression has made me bitter, and everyday I try to turn that bitterness into joy, I try to get through another journey of the day and find a new moment to appreciate and fall in love with. We should fall in love with something new everyday, it could be the sunset, it could be the moon, it could be a piece of art like music or even a photo overlooking a beautiful lagoon hidden from the chaotic world around us. These moments matter, they don’t define us, but they can define the way we feel and look at the world around us. Moments are all about love, whether it’s the love of a friendship, a partner or just the love of general solitude.
Yes, I talk a lot about love, because love matters to me. Romance matters to me. I think a friendship can be romantic, I think a city can be romantic, I think loneliness can be romantic, I think standing in an open stadium watching your favourite music artist can be romantic. Anything can be romantic if you live in the moment and present time of it happening. Moments matter, and whether you’re in a good place or not, you should appreciate every moment and live in them because you never know what could happen tomorrow.



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