A support system is what most people need to get through various things in their lives, whether it is starting a new job or making a career change, moving to a different city, a break-up and so on. However when you do not have the support system you need, that’s when mentally you start to go down-hill.
Feeling disconnected, alone and like you have nowhere and no one to turn too. What’s worse is that when you’re depressed every single feeling can often be amplified to the point where although you know you should ask for help, the so called “help” should already be there. I know more than most that life can get busy and complicated for a lot of people, but is that any reason to neglect important people in their lives, or at least the people who have shown the support they so desperately crave ?

We as human beings are selfish, it’s true, we won’t admit it but we are. We are always out for number one. Does that mean for any reason what-so-ever that someone in your life you haven’t heard off for a while might actually appreciate a phone call or text message just to see how they’re doing? What is five minutes out of your day to call someone and let them know you were thinking about them and wanted to know how they were? The smallest things go the furthest with people who think that no one cares or supports what they’re doing with their lives.

Personally from my experience, I always try but it is NEVER a two way street. It probably never will be. I have a very small support network who genuinely care for me and check up on me. Do I wish others did though? Do I wish that my so called “friends” would pick up the phone every now and then and see how I am? Of course I do.

However the support network I do have keeps me afloat, keeps me level and continues to remind me that I am NOT ALONE. Not ever. So please, when you are going through a hard time and what not, the people who truly care, truly want to be apart of your life will support you in every single way you didn’t know was possible in this world.

No matter what the voices in your head tell you, no matter how low you are feeling please remember one thing, and be selfish when you do this.

You Are Not Alone.



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