Hey guys,

This is my first blog post so please be patient with me. So the reason I’ve decided to do this is because my depression has been nothing but hell as of late and I want to let people out there who are suffering in silence that it is OKAY. Life is never as we planned, it can knock us for six BUT there is a light, it will not always feel like you are drowning in an endless ocean of darkness. I hope my posts help and inspire others in ways I have been.
So my downward spiral started at the very beginning of June, the 1st to be exact. I lost my job, lost my flat and a long the way myself in less than four weeks. That was until the 20th June. Exactly twenty days since the downward spiral began.
I woke up feeling free, at peace. Something I’d craved for weeks endlessly. It was like a new soundtrack that was waiting for me to experience. Something bright but nothing blinding. The past twenty days had been filled with nothing but regrets, memories of the past haunting the current problems I faced. It felt as if I’d been lost in an endless wood, scrambling through branches that contained each past upset, heartbreak and mistake I had ever made. It was refreshing to be in a clearing out of the woods that seemed to cling to my very essence of life force.
A lot had happened as of late, yet here I was coming out of the other end stronger, filled with light and purpose. It was a liberating feeling. I had started seeing the world in screaming colours of inspiration and wonder instead of the usual black and white that so many people view everyday life as. I had come to realise my purpose in life, my path as it were. I always thought customer service, retail and being the pawn in someone else’s game was to be my path in life. Turns out I was wrong. In twenty days I had rediscovered my love and talent for writing. Writing stories filled with wonder, laughter and love, but also stories about my own personal demons and battles that could help someone out there in this world. Stories that could inspire others and let them know that it was okay to cry, to break down and scream but to not let anything define them. That they could be stronger than they ever knew.
So I guess I’m saying I want to inspire people, help them discover their path in life and to show them that depression or any other mental illness can in fact spark a new positive journey.
Let’s be honest, life isn’t supposed to be a fairy tale right ? But is that any reason not to believe in that kind of magic and hope ? The magic that brings the right people into your life for a reason. The hope that even you can be that prince or princess living happily ever after. You are never too young or old to believe or dream such impossible things. I’ve learnt over the years that thinking impossible things are just because no one or more specifically YOU haven’t achieved those things as of yet.

I’ll be sharing A LOT of my own experiences, and a few short stories over the coming days guys so please stay posted!!

Alastair 🙂



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